Better Sleep

Luxuriate in the healing and restorative power of sleep at our premium clinic on the peaceful shores of Lake Geneva. This truly transformative program – created by our medical experts using state-of-the-art technologies – helps solve sleep concerns such as insomnia in just six days. Rediscover the delights of therapeutic sleep, every single night.

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Better Sleep

Sleep – the ultimate luxury! Enjoy some blissful and well-deserved rest and put sleep problems behind you


6 days, 5 nights
From Sunday to Friday


Rest and restore your mental and physical wellbeing
Develop healthy sleep habits
Strengthen your body’s defenses against infections and illness
Regain vitality


Starting from CHF 13,300
Includes: complete program,
healthy CLP menus, room/suite,
wellness, limousine service

Deep, restorative sleep is the key to inner balance and good health – yet for many people, it can seem like a luxury. At our premium Swiss retreat, the holistic approach we take involves a sophisticated, ultra-personalized program to identify and treat sleep issues such as insomnia or sleep apnea, in tandem with any underlying problems. Sleep well, and live a better and longer life.

  1. In-depth health assessment

    Results-focused medical expertise

  2. A holistic approach

    Live a longer and healthier life

  3. True tranquility

    Wake up every morning in a haven of peace

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In-depth health assessment

Results-focused medical expertise

Pioneering medical therapies since 1931, Clinique La Prairie has over 50 medical experts and more than 200 therapeutic, fitness and nutrition specialists on site. You’ll undergo an in-depth health assessment – including neurological, respiratory, and sleep pattern analyses – and psychotherapeutic evaluation. Based on this data, our experts will devise a targeted sequence of therapies tailored to your specific diagnosis.

Summary A holistic approach

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A holistic approach

Live a longer and healthier life

Nutrition, health, exercise, emotions and stress all have an impact on sleep quality – so every one of these areas is addressed during your personalized program. You’ll consult with a personal trainer and a dietician, learn relaxation techniques, be advised on suitable therapeutic treatments, and enjoy access to our luxurious award-winning Spa. You’ll also learn how you can adapt your sleeping habits to improve your vitality and live a longer, healthier life.

Summary True tranquility

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True tranquility

Wake up every morning in a haven of peace

With our exclusive lakeside location in the Swiss Alps and prestige hospitality and services, you can leave the stresses of everyday life behind you, and wake up every morning in a haven of peace. These restful surroundings will soothe and refresh your body and mind.

Summary In-depth health assessment