Basic Medical Checkup

A Tailor-Made General Checkup


Good health is maintained through regular checkups beginning around the age of 35, to identify any problems at an early stage and successfully treat them. This is why any stay at Clinique La Prairie begins with a medical checkup. In addition to a detailed clinical exam, the standard checkup includes laboratory tests, a chest x-ray and an electrocardiogram. It may also often include an abdominal ultrasound and additional tests suggested by the physician, based on the specific needs and characteristics of each person.


This checkup will determine in large part the care offered to the patient during his or her stay (diet, physical activity, medication, etc.). Should previously undiagnosed problems be found, additional exams and therapies may be immediately undertaken.


All results are available in less than 48 hours, and the physician then discusses the medical checkup with the patient. Practical advice can be given to help the patient modify his or her lifestyle and maintain these changes after his or her departure from the clinic. If the patient wishes, this follow-up can be done at Clinique La Prairie, in ambulatory care.

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