Weight Management

At Clinique La Prairie we have a long standing experience in weight management. A good weight management requires a perfect harmony between mind and body. Unrealistic goals are counter productive, but simple strategies, which can be put into practice, are essential. Thanks to our holistic, professional and natural weight management approach, Clinique La Prairie helps you lose weight intelligently and for the longterm.


This is facilitated by our our optimal setting : at Clinique La Prairie unique comfort and deliciously healthy food are combined with the latest medical know-how in nutrition, energy physiology and behavioral therapies.


A well coordinated multidisciplinary team offers a personalized coaching: your condition is medically and nutritionally assessed, mental and behavioral support is given, hidden resources are identified, a licensed dietitian works hand in hand with the nutrition physician and with the chef (cook), your physical cpacities and condition are assessed and an individual training program is designed by a personal coach, and specific massages and treatments are at your disposition at the Medical Spa.


In our Weight Management Program our all know-how is offered in order to re-establish body harmony within a relaxing and balanced environment, while being efficient and realistic.


The fine art of quality aging