Medical Services

A broad range of medical services


Beyond and in addition to the revitalization treatments using CLP cellular extract which gave Clinique La Prairie its global renown, we have developed a broad range of medical services.


Today, we can offer a wide variety of specialized consultations and surgical services, all of which follow the clinic’s general philosophy. Our main goal is to fight the effects of aging, while improving your quality of life. 


An Incomparable Offer of Complementary Paramedical Services


Our comprehensive approach to patient health does not involve just medical services: often appropriate paramedical services are added to a personalized treatment program. Clinique La Prairie constantly develops its services in this field, so that patients can benefit, according to their needs or desires, from the positive effects of acuaspiration, yoga, sophrology or various relaxation techniques such as hypnosis or specific kinds of massage.  

The fine art of quality aging