Anesthesiology is a medical discipline that covers the areas of anesthesia and postoperative care. It defines the rules and protocols necessary to perform anesthesia, which allows surgeons to operate in total safety, in order to maintain the vital functions and to protect the patient from pain, throughout the operation.


At Clinique La Prairie, our two operating rooms have high-quality anesthesia equipment, allowing us to perform all types of anesthesia. Whether general or local, our team of anesthesiologists intervenes in various types of surgery—general and ambulatory—in particular orthopedic, gynecological, cosmetic and reconstructive and otolaryngological (ENT).


A team dedicated to wellness and safety.

Our team of anesthesiologists is composed of two doctors with a federal specialist diploma (Swiss Medical Association) and two nurses specializing in anesthesiology.


Our anesthesiologists are responsible for the pre-anesthesia consultation, preoperative preparation, postoperative monitoring and pain management.


Our nurse specialists prepare the equipment and monitor the anesthesia during the intervention under the supervision of the anesthesiologist.


We perform two types of anesthesia:

  • General anesthesia through the administration of intravenous drugs
  • Local anesthesia through the infiltration of local anesthetics near the area to be operated on. Epidural, spinal anesthesia and nerve block are prime examples.


Your anesthesia will always be performed by a certified anesthesiologist assisted by a nurse specialist. Each of our operating rooms is strictly inspected and equipped prior to each use. Complications following anesthesia that are described in literature are extremely rare.


Our professionalism guarantees you ideal assistance. The methods we use are extremely reliable and we apply our procedures with the aim of obtaining perfect safety. 


Furthermore, we are committed to preventing and treating all undesirable postoperative side-effects, such as nausea, vomiting, difficulty urinating, mild sore throat or postoperative pain.


If your surgeon has decided to operate on you, he will give you a health questionnaire that will allow the anesthesiologist to evaluate your general state of health prior to establishing the anesthesia strategy that suits you. Speak with your doctors so that you can prepare for your surgery in total confidence.


If you would like more information regarding your anesthesia, feel free to talk to your anesthesiologist. He is there to help and will answer all the questions you may have.


Patient Information


The Pre-anesthesia Visit

At Clinique La Prairie, each surgical intervention is preceded by a pre-anesthesia visit.

Depending on the type of operation and your state of health, it will be scheduled and performed by your anesthesiologist the night before surgery, the morning of the surgery or a few days prior to surgery.


During this visit, your anesthesiologist will define the type of anesthesia that is best suited to the surgery you will be undergoing, based on your state of health, and also your wishes. It is during this visit that the anesthesiologist will decide whether you need to stop any treatments you are currently following.


Please inform your medical team of any changes to your health, in order to ensure your surgery is as safe as possible.


The Day of Surgery

The night before your surgery is to take place, we ask that you fast in preparation for the operation. From midnight on the night preceding surgery, you must not eat, drink or smoke.


If necessary, your anesthesiologist will prescribe premedication.


You must remove dentures, hearing aids, glasses and contact lenses, as well as jewelry prior to entering the operating room. They will be taken by the nurse and safely stored.

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