Fitness & Personal Training Area

Our fitness spaces are directed by a team of experienced coaches who are at your disposal to provide advice based on your goals and physical fitness level.


PERSONAL TRAINING - Duration: 60 min.


Our goal: To understand your expectations and define your goals together. Indispensable for anyone staying at Clinique La Prairie for at least one week.


Your session: This session provides true personal care. It is held in the training room, swimming pool or outdoors, depending on your goals.



Evaluation of your physical condition and preparation of cardiovascular programs based on your goals.



A course that aims to maintain muscle strength, restore functional harmony and better postural alignment. An ideal way to gently return to physical activity.


CLP GYMNASTICS - Duration: 45 min. (group course)

This course proposes a combination of techniques, including Pilates, yoga, Mezière etc.  It works on the essential qualities of stability and mobility.


AQUAGYM - Duration: 45 min. (group course)

This course held in the swimming pool works on your physical condition, coordination and muscle tone.  Ideal for those looking to lose weight or suffering from joint pain.


STRETCHING - Duration: 45 min. (group course)

This course is based on overall muscle stretching, for general relaxation and a greater range of movement.


Optimize your results 



Essential in a weight-loss program and for those wishing to evaluate their body composition, this analysis provides a clear and complete reading of the following measures:

  • weight
  • degree of body fat
  • degree of body water
  • base metabolism
  • bone and muscle mass

This test can be performed at the beginning or end of your stay.



This system uses lasers and electrical bioimpedence to directly measure visceral fat, belly fat and the waistline.  This test can be performed at the beginning or end of your stay.

The fine art of quality aging