We offer a variety of beauty and wellness massages as well as massages from around the world to bring you new sensory experiences.

For your comfort and wellness, the pool, sauna, relaxation room and drinks are available between treatments.


Our massage offers :


Beauty massages




Our goal: To activate and regulate lymphatic circulation throughout the body, using a gentle and relaxing technique.


Our advice: Ideal before and after plastic surgery to reduce swelling.




ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGE - Duration: 30 min.


Our goal: To manually and intensely stimulate specific areas for effective drainage results.


Our advice: For best treatment results, we recommend three treatments during your stay, combined with our other weight-loss treatments.


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Wellness massages


RELAXING MASSAGE - Duration: 50 or 90 min.


Our goal: Physical and mental relaxation for intense wellness. A personalized and unique experience.


Your massage: A body massage dictated by you to procure the greatest possible muscle relaxation or recovery after physical activity




ENERGIZING MASSAGE - Duration: 50 min.


Our goal: To reawaken muscle tone. Ideal for tense and stressed people.


Your massage: This massage combines several techniques, making it complete and energizing; strong pressure and a quick rhythm.




TARGETED MASSAGE - Duration: 30 min.

Our goal: For the upper body, this massage provides deep muscle relaxation, for optimal physical and mental wellness.


Your massage: The intensity is adapted to your needs, in order to personalize and optimize its effects.




REFLEXOLOGY - Duration : 50 min.

Our goal : Massage technic applied on specific areas of the feet that correspond to various body organ.


Your massage : Find an energy and health balance.

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Massages from around the world



LOMI-LOMI - Duration: 120 min.


Our goal: Lomi-Lomi is a healing massage inherited from the ancient Polynesians, and specifically from the warriors of the Hawaii. Lomi-Lomi identifies blockages and eliminates them to allow energy to flow more easily.






Our goal: To treat back pain, circulation problems, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, generalized fatigue and stress.


Your massage: An energetic and intense technique to stimulate relaxation, and target blockages and muscle tension, Thai massage is not light-handed, but rather involves deep pressure. A unique experience.




RELAXING THAI MASSAGE - Duration: 50 min.


Our goal: To relax the entire body to improve flexibility. The massage is done using oil and favors harmony between the sensations of the body and mind.


Your massage: A series of specific movements to release muscle and nervous tension deep down.



THAI REFLEXOLOGY - Duration: 50 min.


Our goal: To restore the balance of physical and mental wellness.


Your massage: Points connected to all of our body's organs have been identified on the feet. By stimulating these points manually, we can ease pain and facilitate the elimination of toxins.


Our adviceThis massage is not recommended for people with foot injuries, major circulation problems, pregnancy, or cardiovascular illness. Avoid reflexology treatments immediately after meals.






Our goal: To relieve intense stress, physical and nervous exhaustion.


Your massage: The treatment begins with Thai reflexology to free the body and mind of all tension. It continues with traditional massage.




Our goal: The head has many energy points and zones. Face and skull massage stimulates these reflex areas, creating a feeling of inner peace.  It durably eases tension and facilitates relaxation of the face.


Your massage: Through pressure on energy points on the skull and face, this massage smoothes wrinkles and favors skin elasticity.




THAI HAND AND FEET MASSAGE - Duration: 50 min.


Our goal: To bring you immediate relaxation by harmonizing the function of an internal organ or function (digestion, for example) through a combination of massage and the stimulation of specific points


Your massage: With sliding pressure on acupuncture points, the masseur soothes or stimulates different organs.




Ayurvedic massage

This massage stimulates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sides of the person. They are very effective in treating back pain, stiff neck, sleep disturbances, stress, excess weight and metabolic problems.


MARMA THERAPY - Duration: 90 min.


Our goal: To stimulate the vital points of the body and improve the circulation of energy called “Prana” (vital energy).


Your massage: This energetic massage works on the physical the subtle body (thoughts and emotions) through a sequence of stretches. We use no oil, so you may remain dressed for this treatment.




MARMA TCHIKITSA - Duration: 90 min.


Our goal: Through finger pressure on vital points, we drain and stimulate all of the body's primary functions.


Your massage: Natural oil is applied to the “marmas”, meeting points of muscle tissue, veins, arteries, tendons, bones and joints, to work on the physical, energy and subtle body (thoughts and emotions).




ABHYANGA - Duration: 90 min.


Our goal: A relaxing or stimulating effect depending on the oils used.


Your massage: This traditional massage works deep down on the circulation of the “prana”, our vital energy. We use natural sesame oils in which aromatic plants have marinated.




SHIRODHARA - Duration: 90 min.


Our goal: Ideal for resolving problems of insomnia, anxiety and stress, this massage provides soothing care for the nervous system.


Your massage: The treatment begins with the massage of the head, shoulders and arms in order to prepare you for the benefits of Shirodara. A drizzle of oil is poured onto the forehead, providing a feeling of wellness, peace and relaxation.  To fully receive all the benefits, we recommend three sessions during the week.






Our goal: To relieve stress and sleep disturbances. This massage soothes the spirit and provides a deep feeling of wellness.


Your massage: Following a complete massage of the body, the therapist drizzles warm sesame oil on the forehead at the “ajna chakra” or “third eye”. The slow and precise movement of the oil provides a feeling of relaxation. Mental activitity and and anxiety are reduced. Insomnia and stress are eased. An unforgettable experience. To fully benefit from this treatment, we recommend three sessions during the week.




PICHAULI - Duration: 90 min.


Our goal: To nourish and strengthen your body, eliminate fatigue and create a feeling of peace.


Your massage: This hot-oil massage restores your body's mobility, flexibility and lightness. It is very beneficial for joints which are nourished in depth. Wellness fills the body and the mind.




SHIVA – SHAKTI - Duration: 60 min.


Our goal: To strengthen the masculine and feminine energy inside each of us, for greater internal harmony.


Your massage: A specific massage of the spine using oil. This gentle and deep massage along the length of the spine harmonizes tissue and the nervous system. It promises the relaxation of the body, spirit and mind.




SAT ASANAS - Duration: 90 min.


Our goal: This interactive massage helps to restore movement for better circulation and breathing of the body's tissues.


Your massage: Performed in the seven fundamental postures of yoga working on joint mobility, thereby providing increased wellness in the world.


Our advice: This treatment is intended for those who practice yoga.




KANZU - Duration: 30 min. to 50 min.


Our goal: To reduce insomnia and anxiety.


Your massage: Using an Indian reflexology technique, this massage of the soles of the feet is done using ghee (clarified butter) and a small bowl (kansu) made of five metal alloys. Its goal is to ease tension.




Massage must be reserved 24 hours in advance




Our goal: To reduce stiffness and joint pain with a simultaneous action on the skin for greater softness. This energizing massage is done on the entire body.


Your massage: The massage is performed using rice and hot milk mixed with spices. It causes immediate perspiration, which reduces stress, digestion and sleep problems. Energy is also stimulated.


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