Yoga classes


Yoga is a personal development method suitable for everyone: for the healthy, the stressed, for athletes, the elderly, pregnant women and children.


INTRODUCTION TO YOGA - Duration: 60 min. (private course)


Our goal: For beginners, this introductory course presents the benefits of yoga.


Your session: Simple postures will help you better discover yourself. The advantage of yoga is that it becomes a part of all aspects of your being: physical, energy, mental and symbolic.




POSTURAL YOGA - Duration: 90 min. (private course)


Our goal: Relaxation, through the precise use of breathing in movement. Improve flexibility by harmonizing the tension between the various muscle chains. Restore proper movements by toning deep muscles.  This session is suitable for everyone.


Your session: This yoga is based on traditional postures to gently work the joints. It helps increase flexibility and ease tension for an immediate and long-lasting feeling of wellness.




DYNAMIC YOGA - Duration: 90 min. (private course)


Our goal: To eliminate fatigue, increase muscle mass and serenity. Ideal for energetic people.


Your session: Dynamic yoga helps you become aware of your breathing. Your mind relaxes, you reconnect with your body, and tension, stress, and energy are released.




EYE YOGA - Duration: 30 min. (private course)


Our goal: To free the eyes of tension through relaxation, using specific eye movements and visualizations.


Our Advice: Drink frequently because the eyes’ environment is liquid and must be renewed.




For your comfort and wellness: the pool, sauna, relaxation room and drinks are at your disposal between treatments.

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