Announcing Clinique La Prairie Health Resort Amaala

Amaala Health Resort

Clinique La Prairie Amaala will be located on Saudi Arabia’s north-western coastline, and will be an exclusive resort of 36,115 sqm, housing 52 rooms and suites, and 13 villas. Extraordinary settings and exceptional architecture await in 2024.

Exceptional architecture

Clinique La Prairie’s approach to wellbeing prioritizes longevity. This is symbolized by the central “Longevity Plaza” leading to four distinctive areas of the resort corresponding to each one of the property’s pillars – medical care, nutrition, movement and wellbeing. These sections will host a vast array of activities and facilities, including all the latest technologies developed over 90 years by Clinique La Prairie to enable clients to live a longer, healthier, and fuller life.

The resort also features a diagnostics lab, museum, beach club, workshop and training rooms, private dining space, and even a cooking school, ensuring visitors can embark on an inimitable journey of rejuvenation and self-discovery.

Amaala Health Resort

Landscaping around the property is vital to architect John Heah’s vision for the resort. Idyllic gardens are used to establish a sense of place and tranquility and add to the connected journey for visitors.

Taking guests to a new state of mind

Clinique La Prairie has a unique approach to wellbeing, combining leading preventative medicine, genetics and epigenetics with bespoke lifestyle and nutrition plans always grounded in the latest sciences.  Using the CLP Longevity MethodTM, medical specialists and holistic experts will provide guests with highly personalized revitalizing, immune-boosting and transformative itineraries over one week or longer stays, to embrace health and life to its fullest potential.

The clinic’s expert will work to slow time, as well as restore visitors’ internal balance and remedy a wide range of conditions, including fatigue, anxiety, digestive disorders, insomnia, diabetes and more. Cutting-edge science and ancient healing practices combine to offer holistic practices.

Clinique La Prairie will offer synergistic treatments to rejuvenate inside and out. The medical pillar will include advanced diagnostics lab and radiology, physio, neuroscience, dermo, aesthetics, and dentistry. On the wellbeing side the destination will provide cryochamber, hyperbaric suites, IV infusion and a series of next-generation therapies to be unveiled, all of which contribute to Amaala’s standing as a distinctive wellness destination.

Respecting surrounding environments

Amaala Health Resort

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Amaala, with the entire destination set to be powered by 100% renewable energy. Respect for flora and fauna also runs through every aspect of the resort’s design. For instance, Amaala’s buildings have been brought around 100 meters back from the coastline to avoid interference with the natural habitat of the Red Sea’s fragile turtle populations. Lighting is also carefully used to protect the night sky and limit the impact of artificial light on wildlife.

Simone Gibertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie: “At Amaala, we are creating the most important Health and Longevity-focused resort ever developed. We’re delighted to be building our very first full-scale destination in such an extraordinary setting and to help bring Red Sea Global’s vision of regenerative, ultra-luxury tourism to life.”

John Pagano, Group CEO, Red Sea Global: “Clinique La Prairie’s world-renowned facilities and health and wellness experiences, set against Saudi Arabia’s extraordinary natural landscapes, will take our visitors on transformative personal journeys inspired by arts, wellness, and the purity of the Red Sea. The resort’s subtle beauty – a product of Islamic architecture and modern craftmanship – will deliver a serene place in which to unwind, meditate and rejuvenate.”

Clinique La Prairie Health Resort Amaala

Spear's Magazine February 2023

Nutrients, Sleep and Brain : self-care tips as the seasons change

Nutrients, Sleep and Brain : self-care tips as the seasons change
Nutrients, Sleep and Brain : self-care tips as the seasons change


Why what you put in your body is what you get out of it

Nutrition is an essential pillar of all of the pro­grammes at Clinique La Prairie. It’s the number-one ingredient to longevity and the most powerful tool for boosting overall wellbeing. Our experts suggests that following a probiotic and prebiotic-rich diet by incorporating fermented foods, brightly coloured plants and plant-based proteins will help restore gut health naturally. Everything starts in the gut. It’s an excel­lent way to boost immunity, prevent inflammation and the ageing of cells. What we eat influences every other aspect of our daily lives, so food should also be used in a strategic manner to increase cognitive performance or promote relaxation, depending on the time of day.


Nutrients, Sleep and Brain : self-care tips as the seasons change

Much of your body’s regeneration occurs overnight

Reaching optimal health is a holistic process. Whether it’s exercising regularly or having meaningful social connections, the way we live our day-to-day life plays an important role in how satisfied we feel. Wellbeing is a fusion of health and happiness. It’s fundamental that we feel connected to the people and nature around us. Nothing beats a long country walk or a bike ride with your family or friends.

A health-conscious life­style wouldn’t be complete without the right amount of quality sleep. That’s why our experts recommend tryptophan-rich foods for dinner (such as sesame seeds, spinach, mushrooms, cashew nuts, tofu or pumpkin seeds). This is fundamental for mood, sleep, cognition and memory. Setting an alarm to go to bed and winding down before­hand is also a must. After all, it’s during our sleep where most of the body’s healing and regeneration happens.





Meditate, breathe and learn

It can be difficult to fit relaxation into a busy schedule but downtime is a must for mental and overall health. When chronically exposed to stress, the body produces high levels of cortisol, which causes disruption and promotes inflammation at gut, immunity and cogni­tive levels. It’s important that we learn how to cope with stress and anxiety. A good way to handle it is by identifying the moments when we are clearly stressed and using meditation or breathing techniques to get through them.

Daily meditation, work-out and yoga sessions can be great methods for learning to disconnect fully, while breathing exercises ensure that the body gets enough oxygen in stressful situa­tions. Another tip? Use blue-purple pigmented foods in your diet, such as blueberries, eggplant, dark grapes, figs, purple onion, purple cabbage, purple cauliflower, plums, black rice, to promote neuroprotection. And learn something new every day …. It will do wonders when it comes to brain health !




Discover the programs


Make the most of your next program in Montreux to discover more about how every action and response plays a part. It’s not just what you eat, for example, but when and how. It’s the impact of the food on the digestive tract and internal organs, as well as the skin and nervous system. It’s considering your predisposed tendencies and learned habits.

Book for your program :

>> 7-day Revitalisation                         -

>> 7-day Master Detox

>> 5-day Detox Reset

>> 14-day Healthy Weight

Deep-dive into Clinique La Prairie's longevity method


Building on over 90 years of expertise, at Clinique La Prairie, we know “living fuller for longer” is within our reach to push the boundaries of longevity. We acknowledge that this quest can only be fully reached if our bodies are in an optimum state of health, and without the burden of chronic disease and frailty that comes with the process of ageing.

Slowing down the ageing process requires a multidimensional protean approach that combines the continuous advances in medical technology with the best available evolving knowledge from all the major dimensions of health including evidence-based medicine, nutrition, exercise and wellbeing.

The pursuit of longevity and a long life in excellent health requires that we diligently utilize the continuous advances in modern medicine, nutrition, exercise, and wellbeing in our daily lives.

Dr. Adrian Heini, Medical Director Clinique La Prairie

The 4 principles of our CLP longevity concept

This multidimensional protean approach is what gave rise to the 4 principles of our CLP longevity concept: 

1. Ageing in the human organism is driven by two main processes: immunosenescence and senoinflammation, known together as inflammaging.

2. Age-related changes occur on three recognizable biological levels of the human organism, the molecular, the cellular, and the organ systems. Each of these levels represent distinct opportunities for the development and application of the tools of longevity medicine.

3. Genetic and epigenetic factors combine to create individual manifestations and experiences of health and disease states driven by the processes of ageing. For this reason, the effective application of the science of longevity is complete when it is guided by the most advanced and scientifically sound individualized programs.

4. Longevity science is most effective when its application is inspired by and respects the synergistic and interconnected nature of the biologic levels of the human organism. The 4 pillars of Clinique La Prairie represent a synergistic and comprehensive philosophy that governs the application of our longevity medicine.

The 3 possible places to look for age-related changes

The three distinct levels of biological functions within an organism and therefore three possible places to look for age-related changes

When we examine the biologically complex organism - one that contains multiple organs, we can organize all its biological functions into three general levels:

Level 1: The biological functions that occur on a MOLECULAR level

For example Cellular Genes : Mutations to the DNA result in reduction or loss of cell function, and/or development of unwanted cellular products, and/or cancer formation.

Level 2: The biological functions that occur on a CELLULAR level

For example Stem Cells, that are non-specialized cells that can grow and divide to replenish the loss of specialized cells that die or get damaged from injury. They are important for organ maintenance and repair. Reduction in total number of stem cells due to chronic inflammation, results in the body’s reduced ability to maintain itself, or regenerate after injury.

Level 3: The biological functions that occur on the level of the ORGAN systems

For example the Microbiome: age-related changes to it can result in increased susceptibility to infections, decreased ability to digest and absorb food, decreased or overstimulation of the immune system, dysregulation of the metabolic pathways, or susceptibility to mental health disorders.

In simplified terms, on the molecular level, molecules produced within a cell governs the overall function of that cell. On a cellular level, the collective actions of each cell then determine the overall function of the organ system of which that cell is a part. Finally, on the organ systems level, the collective action of the organ systems enables an organism to remain alive and participate in its environment. Research into the processes of ageing and longevity has found that age-related changes occur on all three of these levels, and that they are driven by two the main processes of immunosenescence and senoinflammation.

The importance of an individualized and holistic approach

The importance of an individualized and holistic approach

Clinique La Prairie’s interventions can be personalized based on our genetics, environment, and lifestyle choices, and this is essential in our philosophy.

Indeed, every individual is unique due to the interplay of their genes with their environment. Even among monozygotic twins, this interplay can create states of health or disease that are specific to the individual.

Also, senoinflammation and immunosenescence have both specific and cascading effects on all three biological levels of the organism. For example, the negative changes on a molecular level do not only impact cellular function,  but can often translate into negative changes on one or multiple organ systems with a compounding cyclical effect. This observation has led us to believe that any approach to reversing the effects of ageing must follow the same holistic principle, one where every diagnostic and treatment intervention considers the whole-body system including mental health.

Our environment and lifestyle choices have a major impact on the genes that control the expression of certain diseases in a biological process we call epigenetics. And today, science shows that our epigenetic changes can be slowed or reversed if we can identify the factors influencing their change.

As a pioneer in the longevity sciences, Clinique La Prairie was the first medi-wellness institution to integrate the tool of genomics (2018) and epigenetics (2020) in its health programs. Empowering our guests and our physicians with a great knowledge and providing them with a tool that can be used in directing the course of their health.

Clinique La Prairie has designed programs that are customized based on the diagnostic information gathered through these advanced testings so that you are given truly individualized longevity interventions and guidance.

The 4 pillars of Clinique La Prairie

The 4 pillars of Clinique La Prairie

The 4 pillars of Clinique La Prairie represent a synergistic and comprehensive philosophy that governs the application of our longevity medicine

Longevity science is most effective when its application is inspired by and respects the synergistic and interconnected nature of the biologic levels of the human organism.

Clinique La Prairie is staffed with more than 50 specialists who have at their direct disposal the most advanced diagnostic and treatment tools to help guests revitalize, and live longer, fuller, healthier lives.

Evidence-based Medicine, Nutrition, Movement and Wellbeing comprise the synergistic four pillars of the CLP Longevity Concept.

Our success is measured in the ability of our guests to achieve their personal health and wellbeing goals. We are committed in this relationship as a partnership where we equip you with the best of our knowledge and methods on longevity science, and we empower you to make incremental changes in the long-term with what you learn in the short time you spend with us.

It is this partnership that determines the success of our overall CLP Longevity Concept.

Holistic Health by Clinique La Prairie


Clinique La Prairie’s longevity expertise in a capsule.

Clinique La Prairie’s work has always been based on science and, because a key part of disease prevention is diet, the emphasis has shifted towards nutritional science with nutrigenomic supplements.

As the most recent scientific research shows the importance of supplementation for a balanced living, the vision was to make a part of these nutritional technologies available to a larger number of clients, and so the «Clinique La Prairie Holistic Health» project was initiated, giving birth to high performance nutraceuticals.

Holistic Health is the industry’s most sophisticated supplement range based on years of research and innovation fully made in Switzerland.

Unlock the secret to live a longer and healthier life


“At Clinique La Prairie, we are dedicated to helping people live fuller, healthier and longer lives. We created our Holistic Health supplement range based on years of innovation to bring our pioneering longevity science to people’s daily routines. Holistic Health is more than a vitamin supplement, using three layers of nutrients to tackle the root causes of aging and inflammation to promote longevity.”




The ultimate Holistic Health supplement is the most innovative longevity nutraceutical with immune protective and cellular repair enhancing action. Age-Defy protects against functional decline at a cellular level with a 2-step routine:

IMMUNITY, taken in the morning to lower inflammation and support immune system.

REGENERESSENCE, taken in the evening to boost healing and cellular repair during sleep.

Enhance your longevity routine according to your needs  


Lowering stress levels and boosting mental clarity through a combination of 17 essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, comprising the ‘Essential Wellbeing’ morning supplement and the evening ‘Rest & Reset’ supplement to promote relaxation, and boost sleep.

To be taken year-round.

Discover more


Supporting cognitive function and optimizing performance, this supplement strengthens memory, enhances alertness, reduces fatigue, and promotes a feeling of endurance with B vitamins and the patented nootropic ingredient Cognivia (TM).

To be taken year-round.

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Supports the natural cleansing and detoxifying process of the liver and helps to shield from oxidative stress with rich sources of plant antioxidants and vitamins.

To be taken for 2 months, 3x/year.

Discover more
Simone Gibertoni
Longevity supplements - Age defy

PINK OCTOBER 2022 - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

PINK OCTOBER - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Since the 90's, Pink October is celebrated each october around the world to raise awareness about breast health and the importance of screening for the early diagnosis of breast cancer, which became the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide.

This year, one of our medical expert, Dr Karin Dubrit, Specialists in gynaecology-obstetrics & micronutrition at our Gynecology and Obstetrics Center, tells you more on the importance of prevention and self-assessment.

What is breast cancer?

This is a very complex process, which takes several years to develop. It is characterised by 3 phases: an attacked cell will be initiated, followed by tumour promotion and tumour progression. The initiation of cancer certainly involves genetic vulnerabilities but also and necessarily involves the processes of nitrosative oxidative stress and dysmethylation, with in summary a very poor management of oxidative stress. Several DNA mutations will be necessary. Then tumour progression will occur only if the tumour finds food (glucose and oxygen). It comes down to a balance between aggression and cellular protection. When the balance is broken, a whole process starts.

What are the most common symptoms?

Cancer is vicious in nature. It is usually asymptomatic and often does not show symptoms until it is too late.  A mass discovered in the breast by palpation, sometimes pain or even a late skin ulcer.

How to prevent breast cancer?

Without a doubt, lifestyle, healthy diet, micronutrition, physical exercise, Chinese medicine, reduction of stress phenomena are for me the basis of the prevention of any cancer. We now know that we can influence our genetics. This is epigenetics.

It is possible to support these treatments by various and varied alternative medicines, such as oncological micronutrition, which is one of my specialities, by Chinese medicine that Dr Frobert practises, and by many others.

PINK OCTOBER - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

"1 in 8 women in Europe

is affected by breast cancer"

What are your recommandations?

Self-assessment is important. It does not replace screening but contributes to it. It makes it possible to find an unusual mass or deformation in the breast, for example, and to lead to a diagnosis of the disease perhaps earlier than if the patient had waited for her screening mammogram or her check-up with her gynaecologist.

Currently, European and international gynaecological societies are discussing whether self-examination remains really useful, in the sense that it could induce a situation of anxiety in women. It could lead to additional health care costs, because women would more easily go to consult without ending up with an increase in the number of breast cancers. I think that everything remains a question of individual medicine vs. societal medicine, towards which we are unfortunately evolving.

The practice of regular physical activity, a healthy lifestyle with, among other things, the reduction of stress and anxiety, and healthy eating remain at the heart of primary prevention.


Can breast cancer affect men too?

With a rate of just 1%, breast cancer can also affect men. It is therefore also important for men to perform chest palpation. However, it affects men at a later age compared to women.

Our Gynecology and Obstetrics Center

Medical Center

The Center offers multidisciplinary and individualised care to patients by providing essential diagnostic services and treatment follow-up in all relevant areas. Our highly qualified medical team is specialized in endocrinological services for infertility, oncology (cancer), and surgical oncology.

The Menopause Centre offers also multidisciplinary care to women approaching perimenopause as well as those already in menopause.