Medical Checkup



The medical checkup proposed at Clinique La Prairie is a complete evaluation of your health. This program is intended for patients requiring a complete checkup or a second medical opinion. Regular checkups are recommended as of your mid 30’s and are part of an optimal prevention program which can help identify and successfully treat disorders at an early stage.

Our Medical Checkup program includes:


  • Five nights from Sunday to Friday including full board
  • Consultation and daily follow up by the attending physician, and nursing care
  • Laboratory analyses
  • HRCT thorax and heart calcium scoring
  • One carotid Doppler ultrasound
  • One abdominal ultrasound
  • One electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • One dental checkup: full mouth x-rays, complete report from the dentist
  • One cleaning with the dental hygienist
  • One screening for skin lesions
  • One spirometry and consultation with pneumologist
  • One stress test and one consultation with a cardiologist
  • One ENT exam
  • One body composition analysis (bioimpedance) Tanita ®
  • Dietetic follow up upon request
  • Exclusive Swiss Perfection face care
  • One scrub and one body wrap
  • One 50-minutes relaxing body massage
  • One lymphatic drainage massage
  • One personalized advice at the Center for Aesthetic Medicine and at the Beautymed center
  • One 30-minute personal training session
  • Group fitness and aquagym classes
  • Access to the fitness center, swimming pool, sauna, hammam and Jacuzzi
  • Limousine services from/to the airport or train station
  • Non-alcoholic beverages free of charge



Reserve your medical checkup today at +41 21 989 34 07 or +41 21 989 34 66 

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