Developed by Clinique La Prairie, a pioneer in this field for over three-quarters of a century, Revitalization is unique. This new form of Revitalization has been developed on the basis of earlier cellular therapy techniques. It is practiced nowhere else in the world.


The Clinique La Prairie's Revitalization can be applied from the age of 40, with results lasting for one to two years. It helps increase youthfulness by revitalizing the body in depth. For people under great stress or intense workloads, it can be applied before the age of 40. 


You will undergo a thorough medical evaluation followed by the administration of a biostimulant in the form of a painless injection, then the CLP Extract which is administered orally. A product used exclusively by Clinique La Prairie, Revitalization is administered under the supervision of a physician and a personalized review is conducted.

The fine art of quality aging