The Menopause Center


Switzerland’s first private center in this sector, our Menopause Center was created in 1995 by Dr Thierry D. Pache, the Swiss Medical Association’s specialist in gynecology and obstetrics and in gynecological endocrinology.


The Menopause Center offers a high-quality multidisciplinary approach for women in peri-menopause (generally around the age of 47) and women in established menopause (generally after the age of 50).


It offers a personalized treatment, based on an analysis of physical and hormonal criteria specific to these periods of life and on prevention. In harmony with our concept of Quality aging, quality of life is an important factor in today's approach by menopause specialists.


A typical consultation includes a variety of tests:

  • a precise anamnesis, history of past events and current complaints
  • a classic gynecological exam, including the evaluation of risk factors for infectious diseases and cancers.
  • pelvic exam via endovaginal ultrasonography, paired with analysis of a risk marker for ovarian cancer
  • breast exam, paired with a mammogram, when indicated


The platform established in this way allows us to perform in real-time additional laboratory tests specific to menopause, as well as a radiological assessment which might be necessary.


MMC® works closely with Clinique La Prairie’s radiology department, which is equipped with the latest technologies and expertise regarding CT scanners and nuclear magnetic resonance imagery (MRI).


In the event of positive test results or a strong suspicion of a pathology or additional risk factor, the attending physician is immediately contacted, and/or specialists are contacted at the clinic itself, in related fields such as medical endocrinology and diabetology or cardiology for example.


Should surgery be recommended, Clinique La Prairie has a surgical team highly experienced in many fields:

  • general gynecological surgery
  • oncology – gynecological cancers
  • illnesses related to urinary and fecal incontinence
  • breast diseases


MMC® is a center renowned both internationally and internationally for surgery, and also has close ties with the Swiss Institute™ specializing in gynecological surgery, also described as cosmetic pelvic surgery.


MMC® is renowned both nationally and internationally in the field of minimally invasive surgery, and Dr Eric Chardonnens, of the Swiss Medical Association’s gynecology and obstetrics section, is an eminent member. Consultations can be conducted in French, English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch or German. 


Proposed treatments:

These can be hormonal treatments, general or local, as well as acupuncture, phytotherapy and homeopathy.


Participating medical professionals:

The consultant has training in classical homeopathy.

MMC®acupuncturist, Guy Ducas, was trained at the University of Taiwan and has extensive experience in this field.

The gynecologist consultant in gynecological cancers, Dr Igor Martinek, the Swiss Medical Association’s specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, is a member of the Oxford Cancer Centre in the UK. In this area, MMC® has a long-standing collaboration with many respected specialists in medical oncology, working in the region, in French-speaking Switzerland and abroad, at private and academic centers.

The fine art of quality aging