Côte magazine - July 2017 / switzerland

"All with the pleasure of a fabulous setting between the mountains and the
lake for this treatment unlike any other, while enjoying service and attention
worthy of a five-star hotel. Such stuff as dreams are made on."

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"Programa do spa La Prairie, na Suíça, une tratamentos de ponta a vistas deslumbrantes"

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Condé Nast traveller – JUNE 2017 / united kingdom

"When that extraordinary, precious, black-and-white, no-questions set of information is presented to you by the wealthiest, most profitable medi-clinic in the world, the clinic that pulls in the best equipment, know-how, and medical excellence money can buy, you can feel pretty confident that there's nowhere better to go."

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Côte magazine - MAY 2017 / switzerland

"The difference here is the importance of the medical approach, the basis of the week’s programme."

"Thanks to these innovative and advanced examinations, the programme is ultra-personalised"

"A mix of true scientific methodology and luxurious comfort, it is not surprising that Clinique La Prairie is a place where people return for their own well-being."

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“One of the leading destinations for sleep solutions...”

"I was shocked at the results but equally relieved that after years of sleepless nights I finally found the cause, and ways to treat the issue."

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elite traveler - mai 2017 / United Kingdom

"The pioneering medical retreat Clinique La Prairie has found great success in bringing together the science of cell therapy and holistic wellness with the luxury of a five-star hotel and spa..."

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Côte magazine - april 2017 / switzerland

" the famous personalised programmes that skillfully blend luxury hospitality and sophisticated medical accompaniment"

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European Spa Magazine – april 2017 / United kingdom

“With an 85-year history and our worldwide reputation for advanced medical treatments and wellbeing, our new plans will reinforce the exceptional service Clinique La Prairie offers our guests. We will further build on our mastery in the fields of rejuvenation, longevity and wellbeing as we enter this new phase in our long history of medical expertise.”

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cambio16 magazine – april 2017 / Spain

"un templo de peregrinación internacional (...) para los amantes del antienvejecimiento, de lo detox, lo sano, la revitaliación, la medicina preventiva y la belleza."

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market magazine - MARCH 2017 / switzerland

"... je considère notre mission comme étant celle de véritables consultants de la santé avec une prise en charge globale en la matière, dans un univers d'exception, tout en leur proposant une expérience inoubliable."

" Au sein de notre domaine d'activité, le luxe rime avec l'excellence de l'expérience que l'on propose à nos clients tout en prenant soin de leur santé, pendant et après leur séjour:"

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Bilan Magazine – FEBRUARY 2017/ switzerland

« CEO de la clinique vaudoise depuis cet été, Simone Gibertoni souhaite développer l’offre de soins et ouvrir à terme quatre ou cinq établissements à l’international. » 

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Professional Spa & Wellness – january 2017 / United Kingdom

« Professional Spa & Wellness visits Switzerland’s state-of-the-art Clinique La Prairie, which merges medical and holistic wellness into one five-star package, to take part in its Stop Smoking programme.”

«one of the most sophisticated and advanced health and medical spas in the world. “

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Porter Magazine – JANVIER 2017 / United Kingdom

“If you’re looking for Regeneration from the inside out, these retreats deliver a 360-degree evaluation and set you on the path to peak condition”

“Clinique La Prairie is arguably the world’s first medispa and it’s certainly the most famous. It could also be considered the most picturesque ‘hospital’ in the world…”

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How To Spend It, Financial Times – NOVEMBRE 2016 / United Kingdom

“After 25 years of insomnia, Gillian de Bono checks in at a legendary Swiss clinic. Can a new Better Sleep programme succeed where scores of other treatments have failed?”

“My only regret is that I did not seek this level of professional help years ago.”

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