Dental Center of Excellence

Dental center of excellence

Taking a holistic approach, this new department, consisting of five dentists and two dental hygienists with expertise in the latest dental care techniques, offers a proficient level of high quality service in each dental specialty. The dental centre of excellence provides modern dental treatments based on the latest technological advances, specifically: smile analysis and aesthetics, smile rejuvenation, and cosmetology (whitening and ceramic veneers, dental anti-ageing).


Our Dental Center’s specialities:

  • Dental check-up (clinical examination, X-ray, panoramic X-ray, scanner)
  • Prophylaxis by dental hygienists (scaling, bleaching)
  • Caries treatment with composite resin or ceramic inlay
  • Endodontics (root treatment)
  • Ceramic crowns and bridges
  • All on four: a resin prosthesis screwed onto four implants can be performed in a few days 
  • Implantology 
  • Aesthetics of the smile : Digital Smile Design - bleaching - Invisalign - ceramic veneer 
  • Invisible orthodontics with Invisalign
  • Dental anti-ageing (rejuvenation): treatment of the ageing of the oral sphere (wear of the teeth, loss of vertical occlusion dimension)
  • Periodontology: treatment of periodontal pockets (loss of bone around the tooth) and gingival retraction 
  • Dental surgery (extraction of wisdom teeth, cyst ablation, etc.)