Better Mobility

Don’t let knee or shoulder pain stop you from doing your favorite sports! This state-of-the-art program at our exclusive Swiss clinic is the first step towards getting back into peak condition. Targeting the source of your pain or discomfort with holistic care, our medical team will get you onto the right track, so you can enjoy exercise once again.

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Better Mobility

Rediscover the benefits and enjoyment of sports and exercise with this one-week healing and therapeutic program.


Seven days, six nights
From Sunday to Saturday


Reduce pain and discomfort during sport or activity 
Strengthen your body 
Exercise comfortably and effectively 
Return to peak physical fitness


Starting from CHF 17,500
Includes: complete program,
healthy CLP menus, room/suite,
wellness, limousine service

As an athlete or someone keen to stay active, it can be frustrating if you have to stop exercising because of pain or discomfort. Our premium Swiss retreat focuses on healing pain and restoring optimum movement, through a holistic approach that helps get you back to your peak and lays the foundations for a pain-free future.

  1. Results-focused medical expertise

    Your in-depth health

  2. Mobility Therapy

    Get your body feeling comfortable again

  3. Training

    Consolidate your gains in mobility

  4. Revitalizing Spa

    Heaven of peace

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Results-focused medical expertise

Your in-depth health

As pioneers in wellbeing and healthy-living research since 1931, Clinique La Prairie has a multidisciplinary team of medical, therapeutic, fitness and nutrition specialists on site. Your in-depth health screening includes an ECG, ultrasound, rheumatology and Technobody evaluations, with nutritional advice on hand as well.

Summary Mobility Therapy

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Mobility Therapy

Get your body feeling comfortable again

Our physiotherapists take you through a series of targeted sessions using massage, therapy and exercises to improve your mobility, muscle strength and balance. A further five massages will help loosen muscles and get your body feeling comfortable again.

Summary Training

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Consolidate your gains in mobility

To consolidate your gains in mobility, the program also involves three cardio training sessions to get your heart pumping and your body moving. You can supplement your physio and cardio sessions with aquagym and group fitness classes.

Summary Revitalizing Spa

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Revitalizing Spa

Heaven of peace

During your stay, you enjoy unlimited access to our award-winning Spa and its swimming pool with breathtaking views over the picturesque alpine landscape.

Summary Results-focused medical expertise