Advanced Aesthetic Beauty

Created to bring lasting beauty transformation

Our most comprehensive beauty program to date synergistically combines our advanced, anti-aging medical esthetics technology with our selection of complementary beauty and wellness treatments. This unique-result-focused program offer the perfect way to discover the delicate balance between inner and outer beauty. 

A 360-degree approach to esthetic appearance; all the different aspects of the body can be treated:

  • Face (deep cleansing, radiance boost, rejuvenating effect, reduction of expression lines)
  • Body (silhouette sculpting)
  • Hands (revitalizing and rejuvenating vitamin cocktail)
  • Smile (smile rejuvenation, dental treatments, dental anti-aging)
  • Hair (hair regrowth stimulation)



Latest technological advances

Exclusive care with a range of equipment offering non-invasive, high-tech alternative therapies recommended by many experts

Customized treatments

Personalized treatments with innovative solutions adapted to each need.


Perfect combination of different anti-aging treatments without invasive surgery

Wide range of natural regenerative treatments to gently delay the aging process.

Combination of different injection, peeling and laser techniques with the latest facelift and silhouette remodeling methods without invasive surgery


Price from 16 800,- chf

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Advanced Beauty Program