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The perfect night, starts with the perfect day.


Clinique La Prairie’s sophisticated approach to sleep medicine; the symbiosis of advanced medical treatment and holistic wellness.

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Immersed in the flurry of our daily lives, sleep can almost become an afterthought, or in some cases a burden, hould we desire it yet not succumb to it. Many maintain a complicated relationship with sleep but it is its quality that determines our health and our mental sharpness, not only for the next morning, but for the years to come.

Poor sleep can have a negative effect on health and everyday life with consequences like cardiovascular disease, infections due to low immune system, hypertension, weight issues and diabetes, mood swings and depression, difficulty concentrating and lack of energy and much more.

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the art & science
of sleep

Having successive nights of sound sleep has, for me, been truly transformative. My only regret is that I did not seek this level of professional help years ago.

Pioneering medical therapy since 1931, Clinique La Prairie applies its legendary savoir-faire to treat sleep problems and erratic sleep patterns. A comprehensive and personalized program, Better Sleep provides an assessment of the patient’s sleep issues with multidisciplinary specialists in Neurology, ENT, Pulmonology and Psychological evaluation and sophisticated night recordings.

the importance
of being asleep

The perfect night of sleep starts with the perfect day.
Every activity during your day will have a consequence on your sleep.

The wiser we eat, sleep, exercise and deal with life stresses, the stronger we become. The way we build our life, physically, emotionally and mentally and the way we manage our nutrition and exercise all work hand in hand to promote restorative sleep and prevent illnesses.

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the beauty
of sleep

Clinique La Prairie combines a pioneering, state-of-the-art medical center with five-star-hotel (...), award-winning spa and sunlight-flooded gym overlooking Lake Geneva.

Through our holistic approach, we are dedicated to supporting your whole self in order to protect your whole health. By identifying and treating our patient’s sleep issues, we help them sustain long term wellbeing by combining medical analysis with therapeutic treatments, fitness coaching and dietetic consultations.

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