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Discover our unique Detox program offering an innovative genetic test. A one-week retreat to reset mind & body, eliminate toxins and kickstart a healthier lifestyle

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A new

A stay at Clinique La Prairie is synonymous with relishing the purity of the Swiss mountains reflected in the waters of Lake Geneva and indulging in luxurious peace and utmost relaxation.

This sense of tranquility is where your Master Detox begins; you know you are on the right path to health and beauty, with you at the center. Doctors, therapists, personal trainers and a superb spa guarantee that your medical and beauty treatments are personalized.

First, a detoxifying herbal tea;
then, your first appointment with your dietician.

Let’s begin.

A new beginning - Master Detox
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Getting to
know yourself

Clinique La Prairie’s Master Detox is no ordinary detox regime; it is based on targeted medical examinations, thanks to the support of over 50 specialists from our hospital.


Your body is unique and unlike any other. That’s why today is the day for all the necessary introductory tests to fully understand how it works. You will receive a complete medical check-up, a genetic test, a heavy metal screening, blood tests and a body composition test.

All of them are important procedures, but will leave you time to indulge in a Hammam ritual, detoxifying body treatment and discover everything our spa offers in this unique destination.

After analysis,
comes treatment

This is revelation day.
Our laboratories have analyzed your in-depth blood tests and heavy metal screening.
Your results are ready.

Now, our dieticians can plan your personalized dietary program focused on your metabolism and nutritional micro-equilibrium, aimed at correcting any possible deficiencies.

Detoxification will start having an effect thanks to a visceral massage which releases internal stress, rebalances the nervous and respiratory systems and the lymphatic functions, thereby stimulating your self-healing potential.

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Water drop siding one above each other - Master Detox love

The power
of love

Although Clinique La Prairie’s Master Detox is based on scientific findings, it also employs healing principles adopted by other cultures around the world.

This is why the body must be examined and treated from a medical perspective but also pampered and loved.

The treatments and beauty sessions included in the Master Detox program are all part of the loving attention you will give your body this week, and include: detoxifying massages, facial cleansing, cellular photostimulation, and yoga.

In addition to a sense of wellbeing, this week you will gain a new, long-lasting awareness of your body.

Being your
own doctor

The second appointment with your dietician is an important step in the Clinique La Prairie Master Detox where you can discuss your impressions and next steps.

How are you feeling?

Our Master Detox is not only intended to be a physical passive purification, but it aims to deepen your connection with your inner self, your body and teaches you how to listen to its needs and respect them.

The nutrition workshop teaches the building blocks for a proper diet which will become part of your lifestyle, benefitting your health.

Cubes transparent abstract - Master Detox doctor
Pearl drops sitting on texture - Master Detox regeneration

From purification
to regeneration

So far, thanks to your DNA analysis, the extraordinary innovative potential of Master Detox has brought you to a new level of awareness:
Understanding the body’s detox pathways
Understanding how your body works to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste
Identifying any potential cardiovascular risks

On your last day of treatment, you will discover the magic of our “chrysalis”. Our Detox Wrap is a Clinique La Prairie exclusive, a treatment that completes your journey to purification. The wraps and premium products used in this treatment draw all the toxins in the tissues up to the surface.

As always, this treatment is adapted to your own specific needs. Lymphatic functions will be stimulated with exhilarating and visible results. Once the wrap is removed, you’ll meet your new and improved self.

Now you hold
the key

You have completed your journey. You have waved goodbye to toxins and bad habits.
You have rediscovered your body’s true potential.

The feeling of purity and radiance accompanies a newfound sense of energy flowing freely through every fiber of your body.

At Clinique La Prairie, thanks to personalized genetic tests, you now have a better understanding of the secret harmony of your vital processes. Starting today,

your dietary regime based on your own DNA can change your life for the better and help slow down the ageing process.

You now hold the key to your own wellbeing.

Water drops forming lines - Master Detox hold the key

What if your health was your true wealth?

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