Nutrition, obesity and eating disorders

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Whether in terms of weight loss, (allergies), or a fresh approach to diet in response to particular needs or conditions, nutrition is specific to each individual and therefore cannot be generalised. For this reason, our specialist doctors and our team of dieticians are at your service to provide personalised treatments. Cases of obesity, eating disorders or dietary deficiencies are treated by our medical nutritionists who, depending on the type of condition, cooperate with our endocrinology-diabetology, psychiatry-psychology and physical education services.

Conditions and treatments  

Weight management

Our service is intended for any adult suffering from excess weight, weight fluctuations (yo-yo effect) or compulsive eating. To ensure the effectiveness of the proposed programme, a minimum stay of two weeks at the Clinic is necessary. The main priority of our treatment is not shedding pounds, but rather adopting a new behavioural approach for a healthier lifestyle. Ours is a two-part programme:

  • First stage: A comprehensive metabolic and physiological assessment.
  • Second stage: All-round treatment at a nutritional, psychological, behavioural, aesthetic and physical level.

During your stay, our team will assess your progress regularly in order to adapt the programme for optimal effect. Our aim, and yours, is to obtain a result that will provide long-lasting benefits. At the end of the stay you will be given a detailed programme, complete with recipes to help you make the necessary changes when you return home.


Obesity can be due to multiple factors. Our aim is to identify these factors and determine how best to treat them. An in-depth examination based on internal medicine, followed by a consultation, allows us to prepare a tailor-made programme for your stay at the Clinic. During the examination, our medical nutritionist will study:

  • Personal and family history
  • Behavioural characteristics
  • Physiological and psychological characteristics on arrival at the Clinic

The treatment follows the weight management protocol. Throughout your stay, the same specialist will assess the treatment, answer your questions and meet your expectations.


The dietetics service is important for the Clinic, since we work on the basis that taking care of ourselves primarily involves paying close attention to what we eat. Any therapy or treatment must be accompanied by a healthy diet. Our team of dieticians is at your service to provide personalised consultations. They will advise you on your choice of meals and will supervise their quality. During stays at the Clinique La Prairie, balanced and varied menus are adapted according to your needs. While they can be lightened to reduce their calorie intake, their quality remains intact. In addition, you will be able to consult us with a view to preparing an individual dietetic programme. For more information, please visit the page below: 


Did you know?

The dietetic service has developed a nutrition guide which amongst other things reminds the reader that protein is an accompaniment and not the main dish, and that starchy foods must not be forbidden – rather the opposite.