The Physiotherapy Service is responsible for treatments linked to body movements, rehabilitation after surgery, and disorders of the locomotor system. We offer outpatient services and residential care at the Clinique La Prairie, both before and after an operation. Our therapists propose personalised treatments, in keeping with your requirements or the programme of an operation. The treatments prescribed always follow a holistic approach.



After an operation, rehabilitation is essential. Treatment is administered gently with a view to recovering natural movements. In collaboration with the surgeon, the therapist takes charge of rehabilitation to ensure that you regain your physical capacities under the best possible conditions. Treatment can be carried out in the form of massages, and with the use of electrotherapy equipment or relaxing water jets. The Clinique La Prairie has four individual treatment rooms, as well as a therapeutic pool heated to a temperature of 32° complete with hydromassage jets.

Rheumatic, respiratory and neurological disorders

With increased life expectancy our aim is to live longer, free from pain and hindrances to mobility. Physiotherapy alleviates functional disorders affecting the locomotor system, the respiratory system and the nerves. To overcome these problems, rheumatologists and physiotherapists have worked in close collaboration for a number of years. The context of the treatment is similar to that of rehabilitation, and takes place in our individual rooms offering the latest-generation equipment.


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