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Consultation with a psychologist allows you to identify the emotions produced by events you have encountered, interpret them, and cope with them better. It involves becoming aware of one’s environment and understanding one’s desires, fears and joys. Our aim is to work on deep-seated changes in order to bring about improved wellbeing and enjoyment of life. 


It is essential to observe and treat the person in their totality. The accompaniment proposed by therapists at the Clinique La Prairie takes place in several stages. The aim of the first psychological consultation is to help the patient become aware of the causes that lie at the origin of their condition. Thereafter, various methods are proposed and discussed to help patients master their feelings of anguish, anxiety, or other difficulties they are experiencing.


A discipline based on dynamic relaxation, Caycedian Sophrology helps develop a more harmonious personality through self-awareness, an understanding of one’s body, the suspension of judgment, and the reinforcement of positive structures.

It is practised using techniques based on breathing, as well as relaxation of the nerves and muscles. By repeating these simple techniques (either prone, standing or seated), it strengthens personal capacities and improves patients’ quality of life, with the assurance of a healthy mind/body balance.

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The hypnotic state is associated with inner calm, inner creativity, intuition, intense focalisation and deep-seated wellbeing. While no one understands its precise workings, science demonstrates that hypnosis induces a modified state of consciousness involving both relaxation and the focusing of attention. With the help of a therapist, hypnosis provides access to the unconscious, including physical processes which are ordinarily controlled by the conscious mind. In this way it helps to change painful perceptions, to focus on an addiction or psychic difficulty, and thereby helps bring about a cure. Therapeutic hypnosis respects the patient’s rhythm, allowing them to keep in mind and retain control of all necessary factors ensuring their personal development.

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