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The word "sophrology" comes from the Greek:  sos (serenity, harmony) prhen (spirit, consciousness), logos (science, study)

Created in the 1960s by the Colombian neuropsychiatrist Alfonso Caycédo, sophrology is a science that encourages the resolution of disorders (psychiatric, physiological, existential), in order to develop a more harmonious personality, through the awareness of self and the strengthening of positive structures.

This technique became a full-fledged discipline which Prof. Alfonso Caycédo called Sophrology. Its roots lie in Raja yoga, tai chi, Zen meditation, and the martial arts.

Sophrology is based on four fundamental principles:

  • body image
  • work on positive thinking
  • objective reality
  • suspending judgment

It is used as a relaxation technique and to improve one's understanding of oneself.

Using techniques based on breathing and nervous and muscle relaxation, sophrology helps maintain balance between the body and mind. By repeating these simple techniques, it strengthens one's personal abilities and improves quality of life.

By learning and repeating different exercises, which can be practiced lying down, sitting or standing, sophrology acts concretely on:

  • fears
  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • concentration problems
  • respiratory problems
  • pain and tension
  • awareness of the body in its entirety​