Prof. P.-A. Despland receives the Tissot Medal

The Tissot Medal, recognition for epileptology

After 30 years dedicated to helping the cause of people suffering from epilepsy, our dear Prof Despland has been honored with the Tissot Medal this past month, famous award in the field of epilepsy. He modestly shares some important events in his long career as a neurologist that contributed to this exceptional success.

His first great achievement was the center for premature babies that he developed in CHUV in Lausanne in 1971. This novelty allowed him and neuropediatricians to study these infants’ sleep and understand the early demonstrations of epilepsy. This has greatly contributed to understanding this illness.

His great understanding and knowledge of epileptic medicine, allowed him to lead several studies in the field and help pregnant women adapt their treatment to avoid fetal risks. On his desk, you can see many pictures of newborns that the mothers have sent him in gratitude of his generous help.

In 1990, he also opened an innovative pre-surgical epilepsy evaluation center in Geneva that offers great results for patients suffering complicated cases resistant to treatment.

Until today, Prof Despland still follows over 300 patients for epilepsy in his office at Clinique La Prairie and some of them since they were in the premature center. He also contributed to building the extraordinary Better Sleep program, that allows eye-opening synergies between all fields of medicine involved in sleep hygiene. This is a growing issue for young people today and this program can certainly help many people find restorative sleep again.

His great experience and involvement in medicine has helped thousands of patients weakened by very difficult illnesses and this award is well deserved.  Congratulations to him from all of us at Clinique La Prairie!

Find the profile of Prof. Despland on our website.

Prof. P.-A. Despland