It’s an exciting time to be alive; never before has the opportunity to live a long and prosperous life been so accessible. We get to grow old, to share more time with our loved ones and live and learn through the decades. In many ways, ageing is a modern phenomenon, and it is one which could be considered the biggest success story human history. Thanks to medical breakthroughs, we have eradicated diseases that once killed kings and queens, whilst technological innovations have increased our standards of living tremendously.

As our lives become longer, our mindsets and priorities are shifting too. The focus is no longer primarily set on a curative approach to health, but on a holistic and preventive one. By becoming the architects of our own vitality, we have the tools to protect ourselves as we age; Food, Fitness and Meditation are the cornerstones of health and they work together to build our bodies from our cells up.

Nutrition; The Recipe for Longevity

What you eat affects how long you live and the way you feel every day of your lives. Feeding your body doesn’t simply provide the energy you need to get through the day. It is the foundation of your health as good nutrients support your body’s strength, protect your brain and fight the diseases caused by aging.

It is possible to slow down the effects of aging by paying attention to our nutrition. For instance, by selecting the right ingredients and cooking them with the appropriate method, but also by paying attention to the quantity and frequency of our eating. Having a well-balanced diet is of course central, by avoiding too much salt, oil, and sugar. The real secret to a recipe for longevity is nutrition with antioxidant rich food. Antioxidants are substances that reduce oxidative damage to cells caused by free radicals and are responsible for aging. They can be found in a large number of foods and their sources are diverse such as berries, nuts, whole grains, broccoli, green leaf vegetables, vegetable oil, ginger, garlic and much more.

But you need to feed your bacteria too. Probiotics ferment in your intestine to create an environment in which healthy and diverse microbiomes can thrive. By eating well, you also provide support to your brain; omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12, found in oily fish, chia seeds, flaxseeds and nuts protect against cognitive decline, such as Alzheimer’s disease, vision problems and dementia. Your nutrition also plays an important role in building your muscles to create a strong powerhouse. A balanced diet helps strengthen your body and provides you with the energy you need for activity.

Movement; To build the mind and the body

With age, our bodies lose their ability to build muscle as much as when we were young because our protein-producing system starts to slow down. Yet muscle mass is what keeps us healthy; it offsets bone loss and provides good balance, two common and dangerous issues that cause elderly people to fall and fracture a hip. We also become prone to cardiovascular diseases, acute inflammation, weak blood circulation and mental ability loss. But consistent fitness and a healthy diet can reverse the muscle loss that comes with age. A body in motion stays in motion; exercise builds more muscle cells which lead to the production of more mitochondria, which leads to more energy!

To help us achieve our daily exercise, new app based technologies are popping up everywhere to make the population healthy and active. They track, monitor and analyze our activity levels and health patterns such as exercise, heart rate, calories and sleeping hours.

Fitness makes you look good but it also protects your mental abilities by lowering stress levels and releasing endorphins which give you “a happy sensation”. In recent years, working out has become more about the brain and less about weight loss. This marks a huge change in thinking about sports as a holistic way of living, because it makes your body and mind feel amazing. And the mind is where it all begins…

Mindfulness; to support your whole self

Stress ages our bodies and can also compromise our immune system, which naturally protects us from illnesses. A lifetime of stress can also lead to chronic inflammation which speeds up the ageing process. By reducing stress, you protect your cells, renew your energy levels and give space to your brain to focus properly.

While yoga and meditation were until recently perceived as “Hippie” wellness, they have now become fully mainstream.

Meditation used to be about spirituality, but it has now gained momentum as we understand its benefits and how it can empower us. Indeed, offering a multisensory experience, meditation actively engages the mind to reach a state of “being” instead of a “doing”. As human beings, we have an inherent frequency of measurable energy and the idea behind these holistic approaches is to work on the health and vitality of this energy by clearing, balancing and healing it. As we delve deeper into the pursuit of finding mind-body-spirit wellness, we are increasingly turning toward “magical” healing concepts, such as reiki or crystal healing, to support traditional medicine.

Medicine; Healthy cells make a healthy you

Fitness, food and mind are the foundation of your health. They work together as a whole to promote energy production and cellular growth to enable your body to function optimally. With age, our cells are less able to do the vital tasks they are programmed to do, but by nurturing your cells, you support their natural protective system and become better equipped to manage diseases or injuries. As we are focusing more on our health than ever before, we are seeing a paradigm change from curative to preventive medicine, which in many cases is less costly than treating illnesses that are already present. This is a new philosophy in healthcare and one that is considered the medicine of the future.

Revitalization was born at Clinique La Prairie

Improving your quality of life is at the heart of Clinique La Prairie’s mission with the Revitalization program. The program’s philosophy, offered by Clinique La Prairie since 1931, is based on the method developed by Doctor Paul Niehans and aims at increasing the overall health and energy of the body. Taken in conjunction with a powerful bio stimulant injection, the CLP Extract is effective at different levels. On an immunological level, its active ingredients are proven to boost the immune response, increasing energy and general well-being whilst reinforcing the immune system. At a cellular level, studies have shown that it supplies tissues with oxygen which promotes cellular turnover, helping poor circulation and reducing skin ageing. The patients who have received our Revitalization program have left the Clinique feeling energized and vitalized. With better sleep, improved resistance to illness and an often-significant reduction in allergic symptoms, revitalization is a unique approach to wellness to help you add quality to your life so you may experience the world at its greatest.

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