Do you know the truth about Yoga?

Yoga is…

Very much in fashion for several years now, yoga is being adopted more widely and can be enjoyed in groups or alone, in the open air looking out onto the mountain sides or indoors. in honor of international yoga day (June 21st), we explore a number of commonly held ideas about yoga.


Yoga is… only for flexible people

FALSE It’s precisely when you feel rigid that you should practice it. You should take things gently and little by little you improve your flexibility.


Yoga is … for women

FALSE Today many more men are practising it thanks to the different types of yoga available and particularly sports yoga.


Yoga is … ideal for slimming

TRUE Provided you choose carefully. What’s more, practising it makes you more aware of the need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and yoga promotes stretching which contributes to remodelling your body.


Yoga is… an activity which does not build muscle

FALSE Yoga improves your muscle tone without hypertrophying your

muscles, giving them back their firmness. It’s an ideal hobby for sculpting your body gently.


Yoga is … boring

FALSE There are several kinds of yoga. Everyone is free to choose the one which suits them best. If you are looking for something involving movement, you should not opt for meditational yoga and instead go for a more physical discipline such as hatha yoga.


Yoga is … a great way to reduce stress

TRUE Learning to control your breathing helps you manage your emotions and your psyche.


Yoga is … suitable for all

TRUE Everyone can enjoy it regardless of their age, sex or religion!


Yoga is … something which requires time before making progress

TRUE It takes 2 to 3 sessions per week. You can also practise at home. Five sessions of 20 minutes each would be ideal


Yoga is … several different activities

TRUE In Switzerland, around 15 different types of yoga are taught. These range from meditational yoga to sports yoga. Everyone can choose the one which suits them best according to their needs.


Yoga is … only for calm people

FALSE Yoga is ideal for nervous people as they need something to anchor and rebalance them.

Text: Stéphanie Milliquet