We have dedicated the last nine decades to unlocking the secrets behind longevity and wellbeing. This commitment has resulted in the best anti-aging treatments in the world to regenerate and rejuvenate your body and spirit, strengthen your immune system and enhance your physical and mental performance. Today, building on the extensive knowledge they have gained from years of clinical practice, our leading life science experts have shaped Revitalisation into a new balance of science, nature and technology that will help you to feel your absolute best and live better.

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Live the legend and power of cutting-edge science


7 days, 6 nights
From Sunday to Saturday


Slow down the aging process
Activate your immune system
Support cellular longevity
Enhance stress management
Rebuild the highest physical and mental potential


Starting from CHF 26,800
Includes: complete program,
healthy CLP menus, room/suite,
wellness, limousine service

Clinique La Prairie’s Revitalisation has evolved into a transformative experience. A holistic week-long program that stimulates cell regeneration, targets anti-inflammation and longevity, and enhances overall mental and physical health, through a four-pillared approach of DNA-led medicine, nutrition, wellbeing and movement.

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  1. 90 Years of science

    Pioneer in the field of longevity

  2. Genetic and check-up

    Your body's secrets revealed

  3. CLP Extract

    Fire up your internal defenses

  4. CLP Cellular Genomic

    Regeneration and anti-inflammatory approach

  5. Nutrition

    Assessment - rebalance - healing

  6. Energizing Wellness

    For body and mind

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90 Years of science

Pioneer in the field of longevity

Revitalisation regenerates your body on a cellular level, by contributing to reducing senescent cells and to targeting inflammation.

It rejuvenates by helping increase the amount of oxygen in body tissue - the health of which is key to preventing disorders and inflammation. Through stress relief, circadian rhythm stimulation and the control of your gut microbiota, it helps boost your immune system. You will be stronger, on the path to balance and longevity.


Summary Genetic and check-up

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Genetic and check-up

Your body's secrets revealed

On day 1, you meet your personal doctor, and several specialists of our leading medical center. This is where the transformation begins. Consultations, advanced DNA and blood tests, screenings, and a thorough high-level check-up help comprehensively map your health and plot a journey suited to your unique needs.

Summary CLP Extract

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CLP Extract

Fire up your internal defenses

The product of 90 years of research in longevity, our CLP Extract is a powerful formula created to help regenerate the organism and fight the effects of aging. Since 1931, those in search of a profound change in their wellbeing have been coming to Clinique La Prairie to reap the benefits of this exclusive cellular formula combined with the unique medical, wellness, nutrition and lifestyle plans of the Revitalisation program.

Summary CLP Cellular Genomic

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CLP Cellular Genomic

Regeneration and anti-inflammatory approach

Revitalisation program looks to reduce inflammation - one of the biggest causes of disease and aging. An inflamed cellular environment can lead to issues with everything from your sleep pattern to the inactivation and depletion of stem cells. It also leads to the development of senescent cells (cells that no longer divide) which can contaminate other normal cells, triggering a cycle of aging.

Summary Nutrition

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Assessment - rebalance - healing

Dietary consultations are key during your stay. They introduce you to our longevity anti-inflammatory concept and involves a complete assessment based on your nutritional habits and medical tests. Your nutritionist will create a four-phase dietary intervention program that focuses on gut microbiota recovery, cellular protection, healing and reducing inflammation, through CLP Integrative, Neutralization, Rebalancing and Empowerment processes.

Summary Energizing Wellness

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Energizing Wellness

For body and mind

Mental and physical wellbeing have an unbreakable link. For our bodies to be healthy and live longer, our minds need to be healthy too. This is why part of our Revitalisation program is dedicated to regenerating spa therapies. From light therapy to deep massage, from skin treatments to spiritual exploration and personal fitness coaching, your stay will help you reduce the dangerous stresses and anxieties of everyday life.

Summary 90 Years of science